About Ivo


Having worked in his home country The Netherlands for about 8 years, he went international about 12 years ago. He has shot over 400 commercials in many countries in the world. From Beirut to Kiev, from Brussels to Singapore, the jungle in Brasil to the lakes in Patagonia. A kitchen in Amsterdam or helicopter shots in Dubai. The streets of Istanbul or downtown Buenos Aires, Bratislava or Hamburg.

Mallorca or Cyprus. London, Berlin or Barcelona, Munich or Krimea, Helsinki, Warsaw, Moscow or Cape Town. The deserts of AlAin, downtown Minsk or the slums of Abidjan-Ivory Coast. Istanbul and Vilnius. On top of a high rise in Dubai or hanging from a helicopter over Iguazu Falls in Brasil….. Tripoli and Saida, Antwerp to Yalta and Tunis…Mumbai to Radjastan – the Pink City. The cities and mountains of Kurdistan, and the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, recently adding Baghdad in Iraq to the list, with a 5 day shoot for Zain Telecom, being one of very few foreign director’s shooting a sizeable campaign like that.

Commercials can be shot anywhere.

Ivo’s focus has grown to strong and epic shots. He loves portraying true human emotions from joy to grieve, from proud to shy. He has grown to be good at it and succeeds in using these emotions in a very natural, genuine and casual way in his work. Ivo works a lot with children and has his own way of directing and working with kids, portraying them in a honest and natural way. Clearly a fan of the honest and natural in film. Call it genuine maybe. At the same time trying to put something in every single shot. Whether through his casting, art direction, choice of lens or camera move. It needs to add something.

Ivo is a very hands-on director with a broad experience around the world. He knows how to get what he needs even when conditions are difficult, time is short or budgets are small. He operates all his shots, saving a lot of time and minimizing the risk of things getting lost in translation. Well experienced working with all sorts of equipment, knowing where the possibilities lie, as well as the limitations. Ivo speaks fluent English as well as German. Flexible and cooperative, but with an opinion nevertheless.

Email: ivo@ivomostertman.com
Call: +31 653 258 318
SKYPE: ivomostertman