Having shot over 400 commercials over the years – I thought a selection of some recent ones could help. You might not find what you are looking for, but  – my work covers a broad range. From kids to casual food, vignettes to black and white. From period pieces to the more corporate. I’ve selected 7 recent ones. If you’d like to see more click HERE and browse a much wider selection of my work. Or just give me a shout and let me do you a reel customized to what you’re looking for. I am ready.


LookAlikeMood – AboutYou.  Liking this series of commercials that recently came out, I took the liberty of compiling some of my rushes to create something just like it.

Al Wadi Akhdar Foods 2017 – To mum.  Shot earlier this year in Lebanon, for the greater Middle Eastern market. Al Wadi is one of the bigger foodcompanies in the Middle East. Big on frozen veggies. This is their new image campaign for on line and TV. A three day shoot, with lots of cast, locations and many scenes. A beautiful soundtrack by FreshBeat Studio from Amsterdam.  Challenge was to make it all look and feel super random, casual, real and intimate. You judge.

Alex Investment Bank – Invest in you. A more uppermarket look and feel. But again – genuine and close to the heart. Simple portraits showing some of the many conveniences in life. Joining Alex Bank is one of them. They invest your money for you. A campaign for The Netherlands. On line as well as TV.

BRD Bank – Entrepeneur. One of the films I have done for the Romanian BRD Bank. Shot in Bucharest, over three days. Again – cast was key. In nice thick black and white. Personal portraits. All cast are actual entrepeneurs. Clients of BRD Bank. We ask them Why? Why have you become an entrepeneur?

A kidsreel – Let kids be kids. I have done many ‘kidsfilms’ over the years. Tiem for a compilation. Little bit on the long side maybe, but does give you a good idea of how I go about keeping things casual and real. Let kids be kids. Give them room to move and you’ll be surprised what they bring you. I guess shooting with kids is not the classic challenge to me as it can be to others. See what you think.

MBC Broadcast – Hope. Yes, this film is from longer ago. One from my early days in Beirut. I still like it though. Classic in vignettes. Strong in framing, choice of lens and cast performance.

Asiacell Iraq – 3G anyone? What a great and challenging project this was. Shot in Northern Iraq, a region called Kurdistan. There was and still is no relevant filming infrastructure there, so gear and crew was flown in from Dubai as well as Beirut. Two camera’s rolling, over 200 local extra’s, as well as local cast. A great 3 day challenge, but a blast for sure.


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